The following are some comments from our clients.

There are all kinds of things that the Hurleys' know that the average accountant doesn't.
For example, with breeding there are many fees that can be written off.

Dee Dee Friedrich
President, Yorba Linda Country Riders Club

I've been involved in horses for most of my life, but when I started breeding them and
got involved in racing I met the Hurleys',"They know all the ins and outs of the tax code
for horses and I've been very pleased."

Chris Finochio
Owner/Breeder, Double R Ranch

"Pat Hurley saved me over $4,000.00 in taxes last year. I am an amateur rider and own one horse. With his years of experience in this particular area, Pat showed me exactly how to set up my horse activity as a business, in accordance with all the IRS rules and regulations."

Chris White
Los Angeles, California

"Pat Hurley saved me over $35,000 in my IRS audit for 1994, 1995 and 1996. I race thoroughbred horses and the IRS called my racing both a "hobby" and a "passive activity ". I heard of his office and retained their services and when he was finished with the IRS audit, they gave me a no-change for all three years!"

Dick Chase
San Diego, California